Prepare for Life's Challenges by
Recharging Positivity

Each and every day we all face challenges and obstacles that impact our happiness.
My name is Dickson Pua and I want to teach you how to stay motivated and 'RECHARGED' for your daily journeys with my quick, easy-to-read guide.

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About the book

"RECHARGED: 12 Keys to Recharge Your Life"


My book, RECHARGED, was inspired by the complex. "always on" lifestyle that people all over the world live today.

Though the internet has given us many opportunities to educate ourselves, create friendships with new people, and explore the world in entirely new ways, it can be physically and mentally taxing because we're connected to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • To help people learn how to quickly 'recharge' their positivity.
  • Stay hopeful and ready for whatever life throws their way.
  • Book with engaging content and awe-inspiring pictorials.
  • Finding motivation and inspiration in bold new ways.

12 Keys to Recharge Your Life

Key #1 - If you are persuing a dream
Key #2 - If you are frustrated
Key #3 - If you are giving up
Key #4 - If you are in a stressful situation
Key #5 - If you are not feeling blessed
Key #6 - If you failed
Key #7 - If you need a breakthrough
Key #8 - If you are a procrastinator
Key #9 - If you are demotivated
Key #10 - If you have fear
Key #11 - If you are constantly pessimistic
Key #12 - If you have low self-esteem


About Author

An ambitious and energetic author, entrepreneur and investor.
Dickson Pua is always in search of making a positive impact on people and the world.
Dickson has been recognized for his personal and professional achievements with numerous outstanding awards.





Dickson Pua


Lily Tan Mother

Very concise, straight to the point & it delivers all the powerful messages a mum like me ever wish to share with my daughter.

Patrick Teng, 20 Student

Finished the book while having some snacks. Short and simple but filled with adequate length of words. Definitely worth my money!

Lee Wan Yan, 18 Student

Thank you so much for those keys, it helps me a lot!